Isuzu Extra-Heavy Trucks Ensure Growth

Isuzu Extra-Heavy Ensure Growth In Specialist Segment

Isuzu Motors South Africa enhances the range of Isuzu extra-heavy gross vehicle mass (GVM) models from 16,5-ton all the way to 35-ton GVM with the launch of the Isuzu FY-Series 8 X 4 models into the South African market. Long-haul rigs operating at 56-ton gross combination mass dominated the extra-heavy truck market. However, there is a wide range of applications for specific payloads – freight carriers with mobile cranes, truck tractors, concrete mixers, tippers, and compactors.

It is not only an 8 X 4 driveline that enhances Isuzu’s extra-heavy offering, but it is also both efficient and cost-effective applications that allow for maximum payload on a solo GVM truck. This means a legal 33-ton GVM tipper and concrete mixer plus a 35-ton GVM compactor also with manual and fully automatic transmissions.


GCM Increases Isuzu Extra-heavy Productivity

“A useful gross combination mass (GCM) is a hallmark feature of the entire Isuzu FX, GX and FY-Series ranges,” says Dominic Rimmer, Executive Technical Services, Isuzu Motors South Africa. “For example, the FXR-17,360 freighter has a GVM of 16,500kg and a GCM of 36,000kg – it easily handles an 18-ton GVM two-axle trailer making the Isuzu 17,360 a favourite in the agricultural sector.”

The FX and FY range above the 17,360 are rated for 45,000kg GCM, except for the 26,360 mixer and tipper at 43,500kg GVM. Trailer capacity allows for flexibility in seasonal demand operations and increases productivity while reducing cents/ costs.


Matching a Demand for Urban Solid Waste Transport

A new model for South Africa’s solid waste industry is Isuzu’s FYH 35-360 equipped in 8 X 4 configuration with the following special features:

A legal 35-ton GVM municipal operation at 15-ton on the front twin-steer axles and 10,2-ton on each of the two rear drive axles (Regulation 240).
An Allison transmission with full-torque gearbox-driven power-take-off – this means the compactor hydraulics can be operated while the vehicle is on the move.
Capability to handle a 23-cubic metre refuse (cm3) body. Productivity is enhanced with this massive volume when calculating the daily cmvolumes of refuse to be moved.


Extra-heavy Safety

Effectively stopping a loaded truck is dependent on integrated braking system controls. Isuzu FX & FY-Series are equipped with
Full-air, independently operated dual-circuit braking systems – should one circuit fail the other still operates to stop the vehicle.

Standard exhaust brake across the range – by shutting off the engine fuel supply and inserting a valve into the exhaust system, extra retardation is developed in the driveline without touching the footbrake for maximum braking efficiency.
Also available in the Isuzu FX & FY models is the Allison transmission which includes an optional transmission with hydraulic intarder. The GX 4 X 2 and 6 X 4 truck tractor models – included in the extra-heavy FX range – incorporate a standard Telma electro-magnetic retarder for extra braking capacity at 40-ton and 45-ton gross combination mass (GCM) respectively.
ABS – Anti-lock Braking Systems prevent wheel lock-up under emergency braking conditions.
Floor stiffer sections are offered in Isuzu cabins, which are set in place to minimise deformation in the event of a frontal collision. The cab tilt mechanism incorporates three lock-down systems against accidental tilt.
Isofix mounted seatbelts are standard across all Isuzu trucks.
Power windows and air-conditioning are offered in all Isuzu truck models from the FVR 900 upwards.


Ideal engine capacity for urban & regional ops

The entire Isuzu FX – GX – FY range is equipped with a 9,839 litre, 6-in-line, turbo-intercooler, common-rail diesel engine. This engine develops 265kW (362hp) at 2,000rpm and 1,422 Nm torque at 1,400rpm.

Turbo-intercooling results in no power or torque losses at any altitude – performance is constant at the coast or Witwatersrand 1500m urban altitudes.

A hallmark of Isuzu powertrain design is fuel economy. Maximum torque at low rpm allows drivers to minimise gear changes and reduce fuel usage. All Isuzu drive axles employ a low-friction, single reduction, hypoid design to return optimum fuel consumption.

“In 2018 Isuzu became the highest volume selling truck brand in South Africa.” –

Craig Uren, Executive Officer, Sales, Services and Marketing.

All Isuzu Trucks come standard with 2-year/unlimited km warranty. With many Isuzu trucks covering as much as 200,000km in their warranty period. With only 10 service days off the road.

“Isuzu Trucks enjoy a big existing brand population. Making all 37 Isuzu truck dealers viable in terms of parts and service. The current success and volumes of N, F and FX-Series is enhancing parts and service support. An essential component of sustainability in the truck market,” says Uren

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Limited-Edition Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35

Iceland Comes To Africa With Limited Edition Isuzu D-MAX Arctic Trucks AT35

The Isuzu D-MAX range has an exciting and limited-edition, the D-Max AT35, from Arctic Trucks International and it is a derivative which takes off-road prowess to new heights – both literally and figuratively!

It was set for local launch in May of 2019, the limited-edition D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is based on the 300 4×4 Double Cab LX Auto and was developed in close collaboration with Arctic Trucks International, the Icelandic company famed for its high-riding, all-conquering bakkies.


“The Isuzu D-Max is respected for its fit-for-purpose design, outstanding reliability and proven durability,” says Dominic Rimmer- Executive Technical Services at Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSA).

“The very exclusive Isuzu D-Max Arctic AT 35 is aimed at the customer who wants an extremely capable but thoroughly unique bakkie that certainly stands out from the crowd, but demands a properly engineered solution,” Rimmer adds.

“Whether driven in arduous off-road conditions or used on the road, this is a rugged and character-filled bakkie certainly commands attention.”

Engineered and built in South Africa, the D-Max Arctic has undergone full local validation with Isuzu’s engineering team playing a hands-on role to ensure the D-Max strengths of reliability and durability are not compromised.

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The limited-edition D-Max AT35  distinctive look is totally functional and is sure to turn heads with an unashamedly muscular presence befitting such a vehicle. The flared wheel arches add a substantial 180mm to the overall width while ride height is 48mm up on a standard D-Max for additional ground clearance.

Those lucky enough to snap up one of the eye-catching limited-edition vehicles that will be available in South Africa will, therefore, enjoy full factory warranty and dealer back-up. They can also rest assured that it is designed to handle South Africa’s toughest conditions with unprecedented capability and confidence.

The limited-edition D-Max AT35 range comes standard with Isuzu Complete Care, comprising a five-year/120 000km bumper-to-bumper warranty and Isuzu Roadside Assistance, a five-year/unlimited km anti-corrosion warranty and a five-year/90 000 km Service Plan. Service intervals are every 15 000 km/12 months. Extended cover can be purchased for Roadside Assistance, Service Plans and Maintenance Plans.


Isuzu Sponsored A World-Class Inspirational Sportsman

Quadriplegic Athlete Warms Up For Isuzu IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship:

PORT ELIZABETH ISUZU  South Africa sponsored a world-class, inspirational sportsman who planned to reach a new milestone at the previous Isuzu IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, which took place on 1 & 2 September 2019, in Port Elizabeth.

Pieter du Preez, 38, an actuarial analyst from Johannesburg, was hoping to lead the way for more quadriplegics to follow when he participated in the previous Isuzu IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

Following his accident over 15 years ago in which he broke his neck, Du Preez can only move his wrists, biceps and shoulders and has no hand or finger movements, no triceps and is completely paralysed below the chest.

Being an aspiring semi-professional triathlete before the accident, Du Preez never gave up on his passion for being a sportsman – the only difference is that now he does the cycle part of the race in a hand cycle and the running part of the race in a racing chair.

Du Preez considers his greatest sporting achievement to date when he became the first quadriplegic in the world to complete an IRONMAN in Western Australia in 2013. Since then he has gone on to complete four full IRONMAN and three IRONMAN 70.3 races.

As there is no separate category for quadriplegics, Du Preez raced against paraplegics and amputees who on average have more than three times his muscle function during the previous Isuzu IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship – which was hosted in Port Elizabeth.


“I am ecstatic to be racing. I am paving the road for other quads to believe that ‘anything is possible’ and maybe it opens a door to get to Kona, which is my ultimate dream,” said Du Preez.

Port Elizabeth was the chosen venue for the IRONMAN World Championships, a first time in the history of IRONMAN World Championships. Usually held in Kona, Hawaii, since 1978. It was the first year that the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship got hosted in Port Elizabeth.

The IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship was sponsored by Isuzu Motors South Africa.

Isuzu Motors South Africa Executive Officer: Sales, Service and Marketing Craig Uren said as a trusted and reliable brand, the sponsorship to IRONMAN made sense since Isuzu’s tagline ‘With you for the long run’ is in line with the endurance and strength athletes like Du Preez show in competing in the gruelling event.


“Du Preez is an amazing sportsman and we are proud to be his sponsor. Isuzu South Africa wishes him and all the athletes the very best in the upcoming championship,” said Uren.

Du Preez said being an ambassador for the title sponsor was a huge honour.


“I am incredibly thankful towards Isuzu, who attributed to why I have the opportunity to race at the world championships right here on home-soil. I will give it all on race-day to make Isuzu and SA proud,” Du Preez said.

Du Preez is a formidable sportsman with a trophy cabinet to match. He is the four-time world champion in para-cycling, ten times world championship medallist in cycling and athletics, and the first quadriplegic person to swim from Cape Town to Robben Island.
Other than his dream of getting an IRONMAN slot for Kona, Du Preez also hopes to swim across the English Channel and participate in the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo.


“My biggest challenge, however, is being a great father to my 15-month old son, Pietman. We as people inspire each other and can do so every day, everywhere, anytime… and when a bad thing happens, even on race day, it is an opportunity to be Great,” Du Preez said.

Du Preez saw support from his wife Ilse, son, little Pietman. As well as his race partner coach Raynard Tissink. during the Isuzu IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

Follow him on social media @supapiet


Sweet Success Celebrated

Sweet Success of a Seventh Super Project Celebrated:

PIETERMARITZBURG – KEY Foundation in partnership with Isuzu ChildLife Foundation officially opened a brand-new crèche building in Sweetwater, Pietermaritzburg this month.

Umkhuleko Crèche has 87 preschool children who will now receive quality early childhood development in their newly built school, consisting of two spacious classrooms, a storeroom, and bathroom facilities. The new building was indeed the answer to many prayers, as the name of the crèche in Zulu “umkhuleko” means “prayer”. The children had previously been crammed into two small dark rooms, with no adequate bathroom facilities.

It is the seventh super project that the Key Foundation has undertaken, with another five crèches and one school already built and forming part of the legacy that the foundation has created by facilitating long-term value for all its stakeholders in the KwaZulu-Natal region.

The Key Foundation was officially launched in 2006 to invest directly into the upliftment of various communities in which The Key Group operates in and impacts on. The Key Group has operations in Durban, Pinetown, New Germany and Pietermaritzburg. They operate three Isuzu dealerships, three Isuzu truck franchises and a truck hire and leasing operation.

Key Foundation Chairman, Dale Southern, was made aware of the needs of the crèche by one of the foundation’s corporate social investment partners, iThemba Projects.

iThemba Projects Director Stu Walker and Southern identified Umkhuleko Crèche as the neediest and desperate of all the early childhood development facilities being mentored by iThemba.

*iThemba Projects focuses on improving access to quality early childhood development in Sweetwaters by mentoring teachers and parents. Through their partnership with the Key Foundation, they have been able to extend their assistance to the local community of Sweetwaters with infrastructure development.

Key Group Chairman Paul Emanuel said Isuzu was invested in adding value to local communities by providing sustainable solutions through solid partnerships.


“This investment in the establishment of a crèche building shows long-term sustainability for the future. The children who will benefit from the crèche are given an early opportunity to develop their educational foundation in a safe and comfortable environment,” said Emanuel.

The local Nkosi (Chief) Zamathuli Melody Zondi provided suitable land for the building of Umkhuleko Crèche, which is now located close to a high school to assure easy access to water and electricity. Building operations commenced on October 1, through Elangeni Builders who used a unique process to allow for the completion of the building in just five weeks!


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Isuzu Truck Techs In Top 6 At International Competition

Isuzu Truck Technicians End In Top 6 In International Competition

PORT ELIZABETH – Isuzu’s truck technicians recently held the South African flag high at the Isuzu World Technical Competition, also known as I-1 Grand Prix held in Japan.

SA’s team ended in sixth place in the Commercial Vehicle division where they competed against 22 other countries.

SA’s team was represented by Miles Swanepoel from the Isuzu Truck Centre in Cape Town and Donovan Murray from Bates Shelly Beach in Durban. They were coached by Stevan Smith, Isuzu Motors SA (IMSA) Field Service Engineer. They also won a new award, the Star Distribution and Dealer Award for aftersales performance.

The South African flag was further raised by Miles Swanepoel who came fourth in the individual mechanic’s competition which featured 64 mechanics from around the world.

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of Isuzu Motors SA, Michael Sacke, said the company was honoured to receive these awards and to be rated amongst the very best in the world.


“The winning technicians certainly embrace our mission to be a highly motivated team who deliver the best customer experience.”

“We are extremely proud of the technicians at our dealerships who continue to raise the bar in delivering quality service. We are also delighted that our technicians have been recognised for their focussed, agile and flexible approach to finding innovative solutions to ensure that truck customers vehicles remain in operation,” said Sacke.

The competition consisted of a written and practical component of vehicle inspection and repair, as well as a single unit inspection and repair, conducted by Murray and Swanepoel, with guidance by Smith.

South Africa has improved its ranking every year in the I-1 Grand Prix for Commercial Vehicles. In 2014, the first year SA participated, the team finished 19th overall. In 2015 the team received the “Jump Up” Award for the most improved team, finishing 15th overall and the teamed reached 7th place in 2016.

Isuzu has hosted the I-1 Grand Prix for 13 years. Technicians compete against each other by testing their technical skills and expertise to motivate and elevate their service skills levels.

The bakkie technicians also represented IMSA in the Light Commercial leg of the I-1 Grand Prix competition in Thailand where they came third out of 24 participating countries.


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