Isuzu Extra-Heavy Trucks Ensure Growth

Isuzu Extra-Heavy Ensure Growth In Specialist Segment

Isuzu Motors South Africa enhances the range of Isuzu extra-heavy gross vehicle mass (GVM) models from 16,5-ton all the way to 35-ton GVM with the launch of the Isuzu FY-Series 8 X 4 models into the South African market. Long-haul rigs operating at 56-ton gross combination mass dominated the extra-heavy truck market. However, there is a wide range of applications for specific payloads - freight carriers with mobile cranes, truck tractors, concrete mixers, tippers, and compactors.

It is not only an 8 X 4 driveline that enhances Isuzu's extra-heavy offering, but it is also both efficient and cost-effective applications that allow for maximum payload on a solo GVM truck. This means a legal 33-ton GVM tipper and concrete mixer plus a 35-ton GVM compactor also with manual and fully automatic transmissions.


GCM Increases Isuzu Extra-heavy Productivity

"A useful gross combination mass (GCM) is a hallmark feature of the entire Isuzu FX, GX and FY-Series ranges," says Dominic Rimmer, Executive Technical Services, Isuzu Motors South Africa. "For example, the FXR-17,360 freighter has a GVM of 16,500kg and a GCM of 36,000kg - it easily handles an 18-ton GVM two-axle trailer making the Isuzu 17,360 a favourite in the agricultural sector."

The FX and FY range above the 17,360 are rated for 45,000kg GCM, except for the 26,360 mixer and tipper at 43,500kg GVM. Trailer capacity allows for flexibility in seasonal demand operations and increases productivity while reducing cents/ costs.


Matching a Demand for Urban Solid Waste Transport

A new model for South Africa's solid waste industry is Isuzu's FYH 35-360 equipped in 8 X 4 configuration with the following special features:

A legal 35-ton GVM municipal operation at 15-ton on the front twin-steer axles and 10,2-ton on each of the two rear drive axles (Regulation 240).
An Allison transmission with full-torque gearbox-driven power-take-off - this means the compactor hydraulics can be operated while the vehicle is on the move.
Capability to handle a 23-cubic metre refuse (cm3) body. Productivity is enhanced with this massive volume when calculating the daily cmvolumes of refuse to be moved.


Extra-heavy Safety

Effectively stopping a loaded truck is dependent on integrated braking system controls. Isuzu FX & FY-Series are equipped with
Full-air, independently operated dual-circuit braking systems - should one circuit fail the other still operates to stop the vehicle.

Standard exhaust brake across the range - by shutting off the engine fuel supply and inserting a valve into the exhaust system, extra retardation is developed in the driveline without touching the footbrake for maximum braking efficiency.
Also available in the Isuzu FX & FY models is the Allison transmission which includes an optional transmission with hydraulic intarder. The GX 4 X 2 and 6 X 4 truck tractor models - included in the extra-heavy FX range - incorporate a standard Telma electro-magnetic retarder for extra braking capacity at 40-ton and 45-ton gross combination mass (GCM) respectively.
ABS - Anti-lock Braking Systems prevent wheel lock-up under emergency braking conditions.
Floor stiffer sections are offered in Isuzu cabins, which are set in place to minimise deformation in the event of a frontal collision. The cab tilt mechanism incorporates three lock-down systems against accidental tilt.
Isofix mounted seatbelts are standard across all Isuzu trucks.
Power windows and air-conditioning are offered in all Isuzu truck models from the FVR 900 upwards.


Ideal engine capacity for urban & regional ops

The entire Isuzu FX - GX - FY range is equipped with a 9,839 litre, 6-in-line, turbo-intercooler, common-rail diesel engine. This engine develops 265kW (362hp) at 2,000rpm and 1,422 Nm torque at 1,400rpm.

Turbo-intercooling results in no power or torque losses at any altitude - performance is constant at the coast or Witwatersrand 1500m urban altitudes.

A hallmark of Isuzu powertrain design is fuel economy. Maximum torque at low rpm allows drivers to minimise gear changes and reduce fuel usage. All Isuzu drive axles employ a low-friction, single reduction, hypoid design to return optimum fuel consumption.
"In 2018 Isuzu became the highest volume selling truck brand in South Africa." -

Craig Uren, Executive Officer, Sales, Services and Marketing.

All Isuzu Trucks come standard with 2-year/unlimited km warranty. With many Isuzu trucks covering as much as 200,000km in their warranty period. With only 10 service days off the road.
"Isuzu Trucks enjoy a big existing brand population. Making all 37 Isuzu truck dealers viable in terms of parts and service. The current success and volumes of N, F and FX-Series is enhancing parts and service support. An essential component of sustainability in the truck market," says Uren

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