Diesel Engine Maintenance

Better fuel economy, durability, and power are a few of the reasons some people prefer to buy diesel engine vehicles.


Why Diesel Engine Maintenance is Important?:


Without regular maintenance, your fuel injection system will clog up over time.

Servicing your vehicle plays an important part in maintaining that ‘new’ condition. It’s one of your biggest investments and maintenance ensures a healthy life for your vehicle.

Giving your engine a little extra TLC can extend its life and ensures a smooth journey.

Since it’s one of the most important factors in vehicle care we’ve provided you with the why and how on keeping your Isuzu bakkie in tip-top shape:

Because a diesel engine requires higher pressure for combustion, it needs a lot more maintenance. Since there aren’t any spark plugs, the engine gets really hot. This can cause problems in the long run, if not properly maintained.


Diesel Engine Maintenance Isuzu Botswana


Symptoms of a Problematic Diesel Engine:


Seeing excessive smoke, increased fuel consumption and lagging performance are signs of a faulty or worn-out engine.

It can be timely and costly to replace large parts due to lack of maintenance. Servicing regularly will decrease the chances of needing to do this. This will also cost a lot less in the long-run.

However, a lot of these problems can be a result of a contaminant in your diesel engine. This is why services at regular intervals help because these things will be checked.


What You Should Do?:


To address these symptoms you’ll need to take your Isuzu bakkie to your nearest Isuzu workshop. Here an Isuzu mechanic will run diagnostics to identify the fault that needs to be addressed.

Running the diagnostic will allow him to find and repair the fault with the correct Isuzu parts.


Diesel Engine Repair Includes:


*Engine light scanning
*Engine leaks
*Engine overhauls
*Fuel Injector repair (find more info on bad fuel injector symptoms)

Regular maintenance is the only way to keep your diesel engine healthy. You’ll save the engine and cost yourself a lot less over time.

If your engine light has been on for a while and it feels as if something’s wrong, contact us for a service booking.


What’s Complete Care?:


Isuzu Complete Care comes with all Isuzu vehicle purchases. It safeguards you and your vehicle. We know that true partnership is one that is with you for the long run.

The Complete Care program for bakkies comes with a 5-year/200 000 km bumper to bumper warranty. Consisting of regular, scheduled maintenance and Roadside Assistance for complete peace of mind. No matter where you are, Isuzu Botswana is here to help.

All Isuzu trucks purchased, offer a purchase warranty as well as Roadside Assistance.

Our trained and certified technicians know your vehicle best. We only fit genuine Isuzu parts to ensure your vehicle and safety are never compromised.

Our pricing is always fair and transparent. Helpful Customer Care Consultants are always on standby to answer any questions and assist in breakdowns, wherever you are.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we always do our best to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


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