Isuzu Replacement Parts

Replacing Your Isuzu Parts

Do you own an Isuzu? A car brand that is both powerful & reliable. However, during your vehicle’s life it will require certain replacement parts due to everyday wear and tear. When it comes to replacing Isuzu parts you have three options: original Isuzu parts, aftermarket parts, and used parts.

So which is the better option for you?

This comes down to budget and preference. If you’re finding it difficult to decide on which option to choose, then here are some advantages and disadvantages of each to have a look at. Happy reading!

Original Isuzu parts or Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts? 

In agreement with many automotive experts, acquiring the original Isuzu or OEM Isuzu replacement parts is the best choice.

Isuzu original engine parts

Some advantages: 

The correct fit: Original or OEM Isuzu replacement parts will always fit perfectly, provided you have acquired the right parts for your car model. Original or OEM parts are manufactured by Isuzu themselves or their certified manufacturers. Meaning you can rest easy knowing the parts you have acquired will fit perfectly. Parts that fit correctly contribute to your vehicle’s performance.

It has a warranty: A big advantage with original or OEM parts is the warranty that they come with. Meaning if your parts fail while still under warranty, you pay zero to have it replaced!

Lower maintenance costs: Original/OEM Isuzu parts last for many years. They won’t break down or fail abruptly. In fact, when using OEM or original Isuzu parts, you will need no maintenance for the first several thousand kilometres. While OEM or original parts may be slightly more costly, the advantages far outweigh the cost.


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Aftermarket Parts:

The second best option is aftermarket parts.


Budget-Friendly: Aftermarket parts are more economically friendly than original or OEM parts. If budget is an issue and you need to fix your vehicle ASAP then aftermarket parts are ideal.

Quality: A common misconception is that aftermarket parts are no good. In fact, they are newly manufactured and much better than used parts. Manufactured by other manufacturers and not by Isuzu or certified Isuzu OEM. The only thing aftermarket parts lack is the Isuzu trademark.


Zero Warranty: Without a warranty, you will have to purchase new parts in the event that they fail abruptly or break.

An imperfect fit: Occasionally an aftermarket Isuzu part might not fit the way it should, the reason behind this is that it has not been manufactured by Isuzu or their respected certified manufacturers. An imperfectly fitted part may impede the performance of your vehicle.


Used Isuzu Parts:

Using used parts is an option, but not the one that is highly recommended. The only notable upside of used parts is their low purchase cost. Being used, you can acquire them at half the price of a new part, however, used parts come with an array of issues.

Spanners In Various Sizes

There are many downsides of used parts:

Quality & lifespan: Used Isuzu parts have indeed been manufactured by Isuzu or their respected manufacturers, but they have also been used. They have endured a lot of wear and tear from previous users and are almost at the end of their lifespan. This increases the chance of the part breaking unexpectedly, meaning you’ll have to fork out more money to have it replaced.

Imperfect fit: Second-hand parts have endured a lot of usages, which may have altered their dimensions. This can cause them to fit improperly. An improper fit may be detrimental to the performance of your vehicle.

Zero Warranty: No warranty means you will have to pay again to have your part replaced if it breaks or fails suddenly.


In conclusion, when replacing Isuzu parts, the best option is to either obtain the original Isuzu parts or buy aftermarket replacement parts. Don’t opt for used parts, in the long run, they will present more issues than they solve and cost you a fortune to replace.