Isuzu D-Max Got A Facelift

Isuzu D-Max Got A Facelift

Isuzu completely revamped its bakkie range back in 2018. Giving it a brand new name (D-Max) as well as higher levels of specification, quality & efficiency to make its ever-popular light commercial vehicle more appealing than ever.

Renamed the D-Max, which originated in Thailand. The ‘D’ originally referring to Isuzu’s 2000 year model bakkie, which boasted the flush “Dragon Eyes” headlamp design.

It also represents Isuzu’s proud legacy in the production of diesel engines using industry-defining direct injection, as well as ground-breaking design & durability. ‘Max’ signifies Isuzu’s maximum approach to design, size, comfort, technology, performance, safety & durability.

The bakkie line had been revised & enhanced to make the D-MAX more appealing & competitive than ever. The high-spec models raise the bar for Isuzu in terms of luxury & quality.


The Exclusive & Upmarket LX Range:

Visually, the biggest styling changes for the Isuzu D-Max made their debut on the range-topping 3.0-Litre LX models. They’re available in single, extended & double cab body styles.

There’s new, sleeker L-shaped headlight clusters, tapered with chromed accents & a new muscular chromed radiator grille which is central to the look that dominates the front fascia.


Isuzu D-Max Grey Parked On Gravel With Mountain Background


Along with the projector-type Bi-LED headlamps & LED daytime running lights introduced on the extended & double cab models, there are restyled foglamp bezels framed by chromed vertical accents that give the LX a distinctive & aggressive stance.

Climbing into the cabin & the more upmarket look & feel of the LX models become immediately apparent, courtesy of the new soft-touch panels for the instrument cluster binnacle.

Passengers also benefit from the fitment of the latest-generation infotainment system. Incorporating an eight-inch full-colour touch screen that replaces the 6.5-inch version used in the previous model.

The fully-featured system incorporates the display for the rear-view camera, & facilitates Bluetooth hands-free cellphone use & audio streaming.


Six-speed Transmissions:

One of the most significant newer features of the D-Max range is the introduction of the six-speed gearbox. 

The six-speed manual benefits from optimised gear ratios & an improved shift action, which makes the most of the strong torque delivery & superb fuel economy of Isuzu’s dependable 3.0-Litre four-cylinder intercooler fitted, turbodiesel engine, which produces 130 kW of power & 380 Nm of torque.


Enhanced Driving Safety:

On the safety front, the ABS brakes on all D-MAX LX models are now equipped with Isuzu’s Brake Override System for the first time. *The system restricts accelerator input if the brake pedal is applied simultaneously, thereby reducing stopping distances in an emergency.

The standard Electronic Stability Control with Traction Control has also been bolstered with the addition of Trailer Sway Control that detects & minimises the effect of a trailer or caravan beginning to sway from side-to-side.

The Hi-Rider and LE models can be equipped with an optional towbar package rated to tow a braked trailer up to a maximum load of 2.1 tons, while the standard heavy-duty unit on the 3.0-Litre 4X4 LX derivatives comes standard & is capable of hauling 3.5 tons.

As before, Electronic Stability Control Hill Start Assist & Hill Descent Control are included to assist the driver in all types of driving situations. These active safety features are available as a standard feature from the Fleetside Safety to the LX trim.


Extensive & Tailor-made:

There are 16 single cab derivatives in total that are available. Including the addition of the new Dropside Base models which can be specified. You have a choice of either a factory-fitted flat load deck or in Dropside configuration.

*Powered by the trusty 2.5-Litre turbodiesel engine that produces 58 kW and 176 Nm. You can order the Dropside Base models in 2.5-Litre LEED Base or Fleetside specification.


D-Max Load Box Chrome Railings


Isuzu Complete Care:

Isuzu Complete Care comes standard with every new Isuzu D-Max & embodies Isuzu’s unwavering commitment to after-sales service & customer satisfaction.

All D-Max models are sold as standard with a comprehensive five-year/120 000 km warranty & roadside assistance, as well as a five-year unlimited distance anti-corrosion warranty.

Included in your purchase is a  five-year/90 000 km service plan. With service intervals scheduled every 15 000 km or once a year. Whichever comes first.

*With Isuzu Mobility, customers have the option of extending the standard service plan. You can upgrade your plan to a maximum of six years or 200,000 km. Alternatively, you can upgrade the service plan to a full maintenance plan. This covers the vehicle & unplanned maintenance for up to six years/200 000 km.

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mu-X Features It All

mu-X Features It All

Isuzu mu-X features excellent all-round capabilities that make it ideally suited to the modern family lifestyle.


The seven-seater mu-X matches the proud heritage of outstanding performance, distinctive style & an extremely comfortable interior.


Proven Performance:

Isuzu Motors is a global leader in the production of commercial diesel engines for the light, medium & heavy commercial vehicle markets, & has produced over 25-million engines to date.

Under the bonnet, you’ll find a renowned engine that refines what Isuzu has learnt over the past 100 years. Providing the ideal balance between power, torque & fuel economy, Isuzu’s legendary 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel engine has built up an enviable reputation for performance, reliability, efficiency & low running costs.

Equipped with a high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system for superior fuel economy, matched with a large intercooler for optimal thermo-cooling capacity & a variable geometry turbocharger that helps generate substantial low-end torque & top-end power while achieving low emissions. 

Rated for an impressive 3 000 kg maximum towing capacity, the mu-X pulls massive loads with ease.


Sophisticated Styling:

The designers at Isuzu used inspiration from Japanese culture & integrated the elegant curve of a traditional sword known as a ‘Katana’ into the side profile, which gives the SUV a sense of refinement & precision. 

Framing the bold chromed Isuzu front grille are striking headlight clusters that incorporate LED daytime running lights. Additionally, Bi-LED projector headlamps with auto-levelling functionality. Low-mounted fog lights compliment & provide additional visibility in difficult weather conditions.


mu-X Parked On Inclined Rocky Hill

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Spacious & Welcoming Cabin:

Blending the need for practicality & comfort with an overriding impression of luxury, the interior of the mu-X is both welcoming & feature-packed.

The modern interior, with its piano black finish & attractive bright silver accents, incorporates a centrally positioned infotainment system as one of its most noteworthy features. This multi-function unit boasts a nine-inch colour touchscreen display that provides access to the imbedded satellite navigation & audio system, Bluetooth connectivity & audio streaming, as well as Apple CarPlay & Android Auto functionality. Front & rear USB slots are provided, in conjunction with an auxiliary iPod input & HDMI port.

An electronic climate control system is standard & accessed via the circular cluster of controls in the centre drop-down of the dashboard. 

In addition to the normal dials built into the instrument cluster, an electroluminescent multi-information display gives the driver a clear view of essential information such as fuel economy, range, odometer & trip meter readouts, plus maintenance data.


Safety & Security:

Packed with an extensive range of active and passive safety features. To assist the driver in avoiding a collision, it is equipped with an all-disc ABS braking system with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution & Emergency Brake Assist.

Electronic Stability Control assists the driver in taking control of the vehicle, while the Traction Control System prevents wheel spin & slippage. Hill Start Assist provides an electronic brake control that automatically engages to prevent vehicle roll-back. 


mu-X Safety Air Bags Front Passenger


Included in the list of standard passive safety features are 6 airbags for impact protection in the event of a collision, comprising dual front, side & full-length curtain airbags, linked to front seat pre-tensioner seatbelts. Adjustable headrests are provided for all seven seats & the front bucket-type seats are designed to prevent whiplash in a rear impact.


Personalisation Options:

Personalise your SUV with a range of accessories specifically developed for Isuzu’s seven-seater SUV. 

Designed to be a highly practical family vehicle. There’s an additional storage box which can be located beneath the luggage area. This unit has three useful compartments to safely place items out of sight.

An optional tow bar feature is available. A sure popular addition for those that seek adventure. There’s a polished stainless-steel nudge bar fitted to beef up your mu-X’s frontal appearance. A bonnet guard protects the paintwork against stone chipping. 

A featured scuff plate limits damage to the rear bumper when loading/offloading.


Under Body mu-X protector


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Stay Safe This Holiday With Isuzu Botswana

Safety Driving Tips for the Festive Season

The Festive Season is here and many people will be travelling by car to their holiday destination, Isuzu Gaborone offers you some safety tips for your upcoming travels.

While it is the time to let your hair down and relax, the reality is there is always an increase in road accidents during the holidays. It’s important to plan for all the possible scenarios on your travels.

Woman Buckling Up Her Seat belt

Isuzu Botswana Holiday Tips:

Prevention is key

It’s very important to always make sure your vehicle is well maintained and kept in a roadworthy condition. 

Before your travels, check your vehicle thoroughly and make sure that everything is working correctly. A good tip is to have your vehicle roadworthy tested ahead of a long trip. This can help prevent breakdowns and road accidents.

Stay Alert!

Get into the habit of observing your surroundings. Pay attention to other drivers on the road, while you can’t control their behaviour, being alert will allow you to respond accordingly and can help save lives. Report any suspicious activity to the closest authorities and try to avoid high crime areas.

Be A Responsible Driver

Not only is it the duty of other motorists to be responsible on the roads, but it is also yours.

Don’t Drink and Drive. It may be tempting to have a drink and then get behind the wheel, but drunk driving causes more road accidents and premature deaths each year. Please don’t drink and drive.

Stick to the speed limit, high-speed collisions are more often than not fatal and cause a large number of premature deaths each year.

Never drive tired. If you have someone driving with you, take turns or stopover at a B&B for the night.

Only overtake when it is safe to do so. While slow drivers can be extremely annoying, especially when we have to be somewhere urgently, we need to remember that everyone deserves to get to their destination safely. 

The Festive Season is a time to spend with family and loved ones creating lasting memories. Stay safe on the roads and be prepared.


Talking of safety, did you know the Isuzu D-Max has some amazing safety features? Like:

Brake Assist
Stability Control
Traction Control
Driver & Passenger Airbags
ABS with EBD braking system

Contact our Isuzu Gaborone team for more holiday driving tips and safety advice.

Tyre Safety Importance

The Importance Of Keeping Your Tyres In A Safe Condition

Tyre safety importance doesn’t only help save your life, but that of fellow drivers. 

Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Your car wouldn’t be able to perform without them and this is why it is so important to make sure they are always in optimal shape.

Keep Your Eyes On The Following:

Tyre Tread:

The tread on your tyres ensures the tyre grips on the road correctly. Less tread means less traction and this is dangerous as you will be more likely to skid in wet conditions. This isn’t only extremely dangerous but also causes your car to consume more fuel.

Isuzu  White KB Bakkie Driving On Dirt Road

Tyre Surface:

You need to ensure that your tyres are inflated and secure. Regular examinations are necessary for ensuring your safety on the roads. Checking for uneven areas, bumps, bulges, or anything that may have punctured your tyre.

Tyre Pressure:

Try getting into the habit of asking the petrol attendant to check your tyre pressure for you when stopping to fill up on petrol. It is better to do the tyre pressure when the tyres are cold (early-morning). Too high or low tyre pressure will affect braking and the grip-ability of your vehicles’ tyres. The way you drive, your speed and carload all affect your tyre pressure.


What Damages Your Tyres?:

Uneven Roads & Potholes:

Driving over uneven patches or potholes at high speed can damage your tyre or even cause a blowout.

Damaged Road With Potholes

Irregular Wear:

Poorly maintained tyres will wear unevenly due to incorrect inflation. This leads to some areas of the tyre being safe and other areas being bald which is extremely dangerous.

Want to know more about tyre safety importance? Allow one of our amazing team members to offer you more tyre safety tips by providing us with your details!


Sharp Objects:

A puncture is the result of a sharp object such as a nail or piece of glass making a small or large hole in the tyre, which causes pressure to be lost slowly over time. If you see your tyres’ pressure deflating or find a sharp object in it, you need to visit your local tyre dealer ASAP to have it replaced or fixed.

Always be prepared for a puncture in case you get one. Learning how to change a tyre or how to repair it is a good way to prepare.