Tyre Safety Importance

The Importance Of Keeping Your Tyres In A Safe Condition

Tyre safety importance doesn't only help save your life, but that of fellow drivers. 

Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Your car wouldn’t be able to perform without them and this is why it is so important to make sure they are always in optimal shape.

Keep Your Eyes On The Following:

Tyre Tread:

The tread on your tyres ensures the tyre grips on the road correctly. Less tread means less traction and this is dangerous as you will be more likely to skid in wet conditions. This isn’t only extremely dangerous but also causes your car to consume more fuel.

Isuzu  White KB Bakkie Driving On Dirt Road

Tyre Surface:

You need to ensure that your tyres are inflated and secure. Regular examinations are necessary for ensuring your safety on the roads. Checking for uneven areas, bumps, bulges, or anything that may have punctured your tyre.

Tyre Pressure:

Try getting into the habit of asking the petrol attendant to check your tyre pressure for you when stopping to fill up on petrol. It is better to do the tyre pressure when the tyres are cold (early-morning). Too high or low tyre pressure will affect braking and the grip-ability of your vehicles’ tyres. The way you drive, your speed and carload all affect your tyre pressure.


What Damages Your Tyres?:

Uneven Roads & Potholes:

Driving over uneven patches or potholes at high speed can damage your tyre or even cause a blowout.

Damaged Road With Potholes

Irregular Wear:

Poorly maintained tyres will wear unevenly due to incorrect inflation. This leads to some areas of the tyre being safe and other areas being bald which is extremely dangerous.

Want to know more about tyre safety importance? Allow one of our amazing team members to offer you more tyre safety tips by providing us with your details!


Sharp Objects:

A puncture is the result of a sharp object such as a nail or piece of glass making a small or large hole in the tyre, which causes pressure to be lost slowly over time. If you see your tyres’ pressure deflating or find a sharp object in it, you need to visit your local tyre dealer ASAP to have it replaced or fixed.

Always be prepared for a puncture in case you get one. Learning how to change a tyre or how to repair it is a good way to prepare.

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