The mu-X: Tried & Tested In Clarens

The mu-X Factor: Tried & Tested In Clarens:

The mu-X, a beloved Isuzu SUV with everything you need in one vehicle.

“The mu-what?” asks someone intrigued by the SUV that pulled up in the next parking space.

“The mu-X.”

Confused yet mesmerised by the mu-X SUV that kind of looks like the Isuzu KB bakkie but not quite, the stranger does a 360-walk around it.

In his hand, the steady favourite for a go-to-meal amongst the locals, a Garage pie. It starts to turn cold as he admires another local firm favourite; one he has never seen before in South Africa, let alone in a small town in the Free State.

With an invitation to peek inside, he opens the door and lets out a loud whistle.

On the other side of the car, his son is on the phone.

Jis man, we’re now standing next to the new Isuzu… what’s the name again?”

“The mu-X.”

Ja, the mu-X. You should see it! We first thought it was a bakkie but jis, it looks lekker man.”

The look of confusion accompanied by a head turn of almost disbelief have been a common sight on the road ever since the 18-inch alloy wheels of the launch Isuzu mu-X first made contact with South Africa’s roads.

South Africa may have been left behind a little, other countries have been enjoying this comfortable ride ever since the multi-utility crossover vehicle was first introduced to the market in Thailand in 2013.  And it has proved itself a fierce competitor in the SUV-market.

Before, the mu-X didn't feature rear differential lock. A revamp saw it being boosted with American traction tech.

But it is only the sight of seeing an Isuzu in a different shape – other than a bakkie or a truck – that comes as a surprise; the mu-X is fitted with the same reliability, dependability and absolute durability as the KB bakkie, and it comes with the same promise: With you, for the long run.

The Free State admirer makes his way to the back of the SUV to see the space of the 7-seater.

“Does the Isuzu mu-X have the same engine as the KB bakkie?” he asks. The name of the vehicle is now firmly embedded into his memory.

“It has a 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine and a towing capacity of 3 000 kg.”

His garage pie is now old news. In his eyes you can see he is already planning a family holiday with the mu-X; caravan in tow, kids in the back of the SUV.

He closes the door, lets out another loud whistle and says, “I can easily go for this.”

X might mark the spot, but the Isuzu mu-X marks the future for the SUV segment.


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